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We provide you with legal advice and advice to help you achieve your goals and deal with all legal aspects

Litigation and client representation services

We provides a litigation service and represents clients before all Saudi courts and pleads for all cases, whether they are commercial, labor, criminal, administrative, personal, legal, financial, or real estate cases. The litigants, if necessary, prepare the reports and documents necessary to file the case...

Preparation and submission of requests

The company provides clients who do not wish to obtain a litigation service other services, such as preparing lawsuit statements, response memoranda, objection regulations, petition requests, plea requests, grievances, letters, etc.

Providing legal advice to clients

We provides our clients with legal advice service through a selection of the most skilled lawyers and legal advisors, by drafting and amending contracts and internal regulations, and providing legal opinion to help clients take the optimal decision, whether verbally or ...

Intellectual property rights protection services

We provides the service of registering their trademarks by submitting applications and following them up until the issuance of registration certificates, monitoring trademark rights infringement and filing objections ...

Establishment and modernization of companies

We provides services of establishing new companies, updating the articles of incorporation, transforming institutions into companies, converting companies into institutions, extracting main and subsidiary commercial records, opening and joining branches, canceling commercial records ...

Attending investigation sessions

The company provides the service of representing clients before the relevant government agencies by attending investigation sessions in police departments, the Public Prosecution and other government agencies specialized in the investigation, in order to prove or deny the incident and ...

Contract drafting and amendment services

We provides clients with contract drafting and amendment services for various types of contracts, whether supply contracts, maintenance, operation, investment, leasing and other types of contracts. The drafting of the contract is in the manner of legal writing that preserves the right of the beneficiary and ..

Providing all public documentation services

We provides our clients with general documentation services, which include issuing agencies for individuals and establishments, emptying and mortgaging real estate deeds, redeeming real estate mortgages, issuing financial statements, and documenting contracts of all kinds ,..

Real Estate Sukuk Update Services

The company offers its clients the service of updating real estate deeds and converting them from manual to electronic through notaries.

Ownership bond extraction services

The company provides its clients with the service of submitting applications for ownership of residential and agricultural real estate at the Ehkam platform and following it up until its issuance, submitting ..

Other services

If you need another service that is not in the list of services, write it to us and send us the service details.

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